Curryoke Night Success!

Thank you to all that attended the Curryoke Night yesterday evening. It was a fantastic time that was enjoyed thoroughly by all. Lots of laughs, lots of great food and unsurprisingly lots of great singing! A big thanks to Jo and David Legge for their showmanship and providing the karaoke, Janice Hanvidge and Stephen Mells for providing the fantastic food, and to Nikki Edge, Sharon Simpson, Jo, Janice and Alison for setting up the hall for the evening and John and Steve Findlay for the clear up. Also, a well done to everyone who was brave enough to perform! The full gallery of pictures can be found here. Thanks again to all! 

Lambing Season

As it’s the Easter weekend/hols we would just like to remind everyone that this is also the busiest time of year for farmers with lambing in full flow. So if your coming out to the countryside to roll your eggs or have a picnic could you please drive responsibly and slow on the country roads as there will be areas that the sheep and lambs roam freely on the road and they stand no chance against a speeding car….also please please please keep dog’s on leads no matter how well behaved they are….the devastation a sheep attack leaves behind is horrendous. …nobody is saying don’t come and enjoy yourselves…we are just saying have a little respect…thanks.

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